Premium Chai

Enjoy the homogenised flavor of invigorating Black CTC Tea from the best tea gardens of Assam.

Description of Premium Chai:

Known for its antioxidant rich properties and the strength of the liquor, a cup of Premium Chai can recharge you at anytime. Wondering what is Premium Chai? As the world’s second largest producer of tea, we at Goodricke Tea give you a closer look into this delightful drink. Invented in the 1930s, CTC is the method of processing black tea that stands for crush, tear and curl. The tea leaves after being preconditioned pass through CTC machine that crush, tear and curl the leaves into small pellets. During manufacturing of the tea leaves, utmost care needs to be taken to ensure that consistency of the flavour is maintained. Goodricke Tea offers multiple types of CTC tea including Goodricke CTC Tea Dust and Goodricke Khaass to supplement your daily dose of health and tantalize your taste buds.

Premium Chai from Goodricke Tea?

It is easy to buy Premium Chai online but difficult to choose the right brand. To help you decide, take a look at how it’s made. The journey of a tea leaf from the garden to your cup is a meticulous one which we capture in every pack of Goodricke’s Premium Chai. As a premium CTC tea supplier, our leaves are hand-picked from the finest tea bushes in the gardens of Assam and Dooars. The leaves then go through an intense process of cut, tear and curl in our state-of-the art manufacturing units. After the process of Withering, Rolling, Fermenting and Drying, the leaves are turned into hard pellets of tea. After sorting, the teas are graded according to the size of the pellets. The teas are then ready for consumption. The best CTC tea with a strong aroma are then packed into Goodricke Khaass, Supercup Premium, Supercup Gold, Chai, Supercup, Zabardast. Purchase some of the best Premium Chai in India online, here at Goodricke Tea.

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